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Mick Haydock
Location Film & TV
Sound Recordist / Mixer

Black box video
Image of Fostex PD4 Time code Dat Zoom 4
Picture of Mick's crew vehicle with his large range of sound recording equipment used on location as a sound recordist  / mixer. Picture of Mick and his crew vehicle

My Crew Vehicle:
VW Caddy Maxi Black, Seats 5, Black windows for privacy and covert filming, Air Con, GPS Sat Nav, AV system CD/DVD, Mobile Wi-Fi. Camera plays back, Mains 240v, charge as you go. Fire Extinguisher's first aid kit. Professionally racked out for film and sound Equipment.

Over the years, I have invested in my passion for sound recording and upgrade regularly so you have the latest kit, I carry a diverse range of strandard and non-strandard recording equipment which enables me to cover almost any scenario, from P.S.C /Live OB and Multi camera to film drama.
This is just a sample of the sound Equipment I own:


Recorders, Mixers, Radios Mic's, Mic's, Miscellaneous,


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Radios Mic's